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that you work for, that you employ people for connaught is one of the greatest sectors in san francisco. i hope we will take the opportunity of the america's cup to showcase our clubs, our restaurants, our nightlife events. as someone who represents the broadaway neighborhood, an area of town that i used to spend a lot of time in when i was in my 20's -- but actually, very few locals take the time to head to the beach on broadway. our neighborhoods are coming together to say that broadway is open to the rest of the world as well as san francisco. i want to put san francisco back on the map when it comes to music. to make sure that we have the type of entertainment that we used to be renowned for. and those of you that work in our bars and clubs, i want to make sure that we are trading the kind of destinations that we look forward to spending time with you. i know on behalf of my colleagues, we look forward to working with you in a very positive partnership to move all of our communities forward. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, president chiu. earlier this year, and economic i
all of our citizens on the same page, and make san francisco the envy of the world. i support projects that we all favor, and will facilitate such projects if elected, rather than ill-conceived, divisive projects like the central subway or eight washington street. i pledge, if elected as your supervisor, to serve the entire four years in that office. will the 9q make that same pledttremember ty considered being appointed as the district attorney, and run unsuccessfully for mayor twice. will he run again in 2014 for the state assembly? the incumbent, if reelected, may be real estat replaced by an apd supervisor for half the next term. i find that unacceptable in our democracy. if elected i support to collaborate, negotiate, and execute really great projects, while simultaneously investing in our infrastructure, and to keep each othernl safe, housed, and fed. i support investing the pension fund of public service employees to income housing, to stabilize our communities, and make us more safe by housing first responders in the city. i support creating tenant cooperatives for middle incom
community. in 1982 i moved to the bay area and began taking classes at san francisco state university. eventually i finished at the california institute of integral studys. i worked for a number of stockbrokerages in the financial district, and my professional career, and at night, i got more and more engaged in the local activist community advocating for various issues important to me including igbtq and tenant right issues. in 1982 my life was changed forever when my mother was involved in a serious car accident. for the next seven years, her care became my priority. upon her death, i quit my job and became a community organizer at the commission agenda. there, i fought for the rights of low income tenants and immigrants who lived in single-room occupancy hotels. i was also getting more active in local politics. in 2003 i co-chaired the proposition l campaign, which made san francisco minimum wage the highest in the country. in 2004, i was appointed to the planning commission by then, president of the board matt gonzales. the planning commission makes decisions about how the land ca
the best he could be. there were a lot of lessons to be learned in running a race in san francisco. a few that stick in my mind -- money does matter. raising money. that is the simple, somewhat unfortunate fact of life. i think really having a message that resonates with voters, not just saying you want to be a politician, but you have to really explain why you, and i think that was really court to what we did. most importantly, the one thing i drew out of it was the hard work and other determination is the thing that will, i think, allow you to succeed more than anything else. i believe that the candidates who won this past november with the ones who worked the hardest in their races. >> what are the biggest issues facing san francisco? >> i believe the biggest ones are economic problems right now. we face was estimated to be a $400 million deficit this fiscal year. potentially growing next fiscal year. it all comes back to that in many ways. we have a growing pension and retiree health care problem that is huge and looming and getting worse. as important, we have a huge unemploym
the commission did when they extend it had to a regional program to include workers outside san francisco that are paying two-thirds of the water bills and contributing to the success of the system. one question i had about the wording, and i think it's fine the way i interpret it. it talks about projects done in conjunction with bosca member agencies where there is a cost sharing arrangement. and i wanted to mayke it simply matt i can this afternoon. if that includes projects not only on behalf of member agencies and with member agencies, but also projects done by san francisco bosco which san francisco hold the contracts on, in the event we do have a joint project, does this as it's written cover that possibility. i would read it that way -- >> the answer is yes. >>> okay, thank you very much. >> and you're okay with the other language? >>> yes. >> all right. counsel, do you have anything to add since this came out of your office? >> no, commissioner. >> yes. ms. jackson. >>> espinola jackson. when i recertify, you know, i have some concerns as other people in my community because a lot
area. went to public schools. ended up in uc-davis. made my way out to san francisco when i was a college student, and i sat in the class is in san francisco state as well, and i remember growing up at that time around clement street. we call the richmond district the new chinatown in the 1980's at that time. just being around the tremendous unique neighborhood, and discovering san francisco in the 1980's as i grew up, but i also have been very active as a community organizer. i worked in chinatown, and some first jobs also at the mental health center in the richmond area multi services in the 1980's, and i was also a staff are at the chinatown youth center -- i was also a staffer. a lot of my work has been supporting community empowerment, especially in an immigrant and people of color communities. most recently, i have been teaching at san francisco state. i ran the immigrant rights coalition in the city in the 1990's for several years. i'm also an immigration attorney, and a lot of my passion is supporting in power met for immigrant communities in the city as well. >> why
as ours. michigan couple sell pwriingt the 25th anniversary here in san francisco. only they seem to be missing something. >> we didn't get tickets. no. imagine that. do you have tickets for us. what are you planning to do. we came here to be annoying. >> we just dime annoy the giants. >>reporter: kim is proof you don't need a ticket to live the excitement of the world series. renee of san jose came to watch 3 innings for free through the chain link fence. >> we came and waited in line here and yes. for a couple hours and got our wrist band and in we were. it was amazin amazing. >>reporter: she waited for 2 hours and it was absolutely worth it. of course again now the giants head off to detroit. from at&t park, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> game 3 and 4 are saturday and sunday if necessary game 5 would be monday also in detroi detroit. >> tonight the abc 7 news i team investigates a cold case. child disappearance in san francisco almost 30 years ago. >> and in the process discovers a possible connection to serial killer. dan is here with an investigation you will s
that come to the san francisco transportation authority to this meeting, but to the subcommittee meetings. i saw one of the employees of san francisco county authoritying handing -- authority handing over the checks. so you do get something. any committee that deals with the fiscal distributions says something especially when he forwards it to the full board, which is this because you sit here as the full board and sit here as commissioners to the san francisco county transportation authority. let us take it serious. often time, i see millions of dollars, no deliberations whatsoever. let it go forward. that nonsense should stop. that is utter disregard for the constituents. you are representing. you have to say something. if it's millions of dollars, $15 million. $5 million. $10 million, you just can't sit there and not say a word. okay the san francisco county transportation, the san francisco county transportation authority and the so-called experts. they don't even represent the diversity of san francisco. they don't represent the diversity of san francisco. how are we choosing this so-ca
, and that is very important. if you think about the role of sports in san francisco, we have to think about the giants and how amazing that whole experience was for us in terms of the world series. we had people in my district as we were coming in for the parade on muni. everybody was dressed in giants colors. everybody was in such an elated mood. everybody was brought together, no matter what ethnicity, what community, what neighborhood, what socio-economic place you were from. people were excited and happy. that is something that is very unique to sports, that sports can pull people together. very much in the same way, the 49ers are an important part of the community and san francisco 's identity, and i would love to do what we can to help them today. >> if you have a lot of projects in your district that you are excited about. can you share any information about the goings on in your district? supervisor chu: our district again has so many families, and we think about how we plan for the future and make sure that the next generation has the amenities that we do not have right now, and we
satisfied with much of the activity of the san francisco police department. in my district on nob hill, we have always had too many automobile break-ins. on polk street, there are many incidences of drug dealing and prostitution. in some of the entertainment quarters, we of shootings that happened. these are perennial issues that the police department needs to continually tackle. i am a big fan of the concept of community policing. that is the idea that our local police officers need to establish a better relationship with members of the community, residents, and merchants. through that community partnership, we have seen true successes in being able to combat crime. you have eyes and ears on the street cooperating with the men and women in blue. that helps to reduce crime. i have been pushing our police department to implement that. >> your district is a well-known nightlife destination. how do you balance the needs of the residents with the needs of the restaurants and bars? >> i moved into my neighborhood in part because we have such a wonderful vibrant nightlife. san francisco is famou
to another shooting that happened a half a block away from there two days ago. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty. >> thank you very much. >>> this morning the san francisco giants head to detroit with a two game to nothing lead over the tigers in the 2012 world series. claudine wong joins us from at & t park where the giants will meet who will begin their trip to the motor city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is busy out here in front of at & t park. this is where the giants will meet. they all board buses and head out on to the road. headed for detroit. hoping to wrap up the world series in just two more games. giants going on the road. game three is tomorrow night. we want to show you video of the team packing bags. giants will hit the road in a bit of an unfamiliar spot. in control. game two went to the giants last night. much different game than game one. no big home run. but we have to mention the performance on the mound. pitcher bumgarner only allowed two hits over seven innings. >> jackson waits for another 3- 2. and strike out. >> reporter: here's a good sta
>> good morning and welcome to the san francisco county transportation authority meeting of tuesday october 23rd order, 2012. my name is david campos and i am the chair of the authority. madam secretary, if we can roll >> commissioner >> present. >> commissioner chu >> carmen chuy. commissioner cohen >> commissioner elsbernd >> present. >> commissioner >> commissioner >> present. >> vice chair wiener. we have quorum. >> please call item two. approval of the minutes. >> before we take action to this item. is there a member of the public that would like to speak on item two? seeing none. public comment is closed. colleagues, you have the minutes of the meeting before you. if we can take a motion to approve the minutes. motion by commissioner avalos. seconded by commissioner farrell. we will take that without objection. >> on item two. roll call. campos, >> roll call taken. item passes. >> if you can please call item number three. >> report, this is an information item. thank you very much. colleagues i have a very brief report today. we had two significant transportation events. on o
en san francisco. ahi fue donde el pasado sabado fue baleado y muerto un joven de 19 anos de edad...jose escobar. virginia quinonez/conocio a la victima como que echaron un balde de agua fria en mi, llore toda la manana no sabia que hacer, el era como mi familia dadnos hoy nuestro pan de cada dia virginia junto a un grupo de la arquidiocesis de san francisco que ayuda a personas a reintegrarse a la sociedad despues de que han tenido problemas con la justicia, llegaron a este lugar hoy con un proposito. julio escobar/arquidiocesis de san francisco queremos concientizar a las personas que andan haciendo esto de que piensen dos veces, porque es una persona que murio carolina parrales/grupo de oracion sabemos que con la oracion podemos superar mucho y decirle no a la violencia pero anoche un acto mas, cobro la vida de otro joven y dejo uno mas herido. como siete disparos. rrison, entre 25straba el lug ayer hacia las seiyea de tarde, cesar 19 anos de edad. las investigacione s de la policia aun no determinan si estos dos crimenes estan relacionados, si tienen que ver co
blanca ---los gigantes de san francisco intentan esta tarde imponerse 2 juegos contra zero en la serie mundial 2012... los detalles en breve. cu - anchor noti intro --- muy buenas tardes y bienvenidos a noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis, les saluda cesar bayona... blanca --- y blanca garza, gracias por acompaÑarno s. stop open roll open cesar ---las autoridades han identificado el cadaver de una adolescente que fue encontrado en la playa estatal san gregorio cerca a half moon bayel domingo pasado... take vo ---se trata de "cathy chew" una estudiante de la preparatoria albany de 16 aÑos de edad... y cuya desaparicion fue reportada a la policia de richmond... ---la jovencita fue identificada por sus archivos dentales y al parecer no era la primera vez que huia de su casa. ---ahora la policia investiga como fue que murio la joven. stop open roll open topvo blanca ---miembros de "ocupa" en oakland salen a las calles para celebrar el primer aniversario de la creacion del movimiento de los indignados que ha sido motivo de polemica en esa ciudad. ---hace algunos dias, se distribuyeron
seguidor de los gigantes de san francisco. >>> sergio romo fue insrtuido por su padre, como seguidor de los gigantes de san francisco, cuando tenía 2 años. >>> haberme motivado a vivir mi vida contento. >>> este lanzador, cerrador de los gigantes de san francisco, una vez que recibió su guante nunca lo dejó. >>> si pienso que soy especial, soy especial. >>> sergio tiene dos hermanos más y dice que nunca dejan de enviarle mensaje de texto para apoyarlo. >>> uno siempre tiene a alguien al lado. >>> sergio romo fue pitcher, en el colegio, la universidad y después pasó a las ligas mayores. >>> siempre me llama mi mamá, eso nunca va a parar, yo era el travieso. >>> sergio romo debutó en el 2008 en grandes ligas y también llegó a los gigantes de san francisco, donde ha tenido una carrera ascendente, puede ser que sergio romo vea actividad en el segundo partido de esta serie mundial. >>> gracias, edgardo, el venezolano pablo sandoval, mejor conocido como el panda, ayer realizó 3 homeruns, así logró un lugar en el salón de la fama dekl béisbol mundial, el panda usará el bate de la
the important part of that question was why are we here in san francisco. and we're here in san francisco because san francisco is one of the most innovative cities in the galaxy and it's a very great place to be the home of the challenge america summit, the first-ever challenge america summit. so it's now my job to introduce our first speaker of the night, who is going to officially kick off the first-ever challenge america summit, somebody who has been verylfe instrumental in creating a movement around innovation in san francisco. just a few months ago, announced october as innovation month inl-mj4p&c"p san francisco, and is doing a whole lot of work on, you know creating a@g real ecosystem for entrepreneurs, for governments for everybody to create new ideas and new innovations. please join me in welcoming mayor ed lee to the floor. >> [applause.] >> thank you. thank you, josh. welcome, everybody. now that i know where i'm at i want to welcome all of you, i want to of course thank the night challenge -- night rover challenge, nasa, of course, for being
to be the type of partner that the city and county ought to be with vis-a-vis the san francisco unified school district. so i'm very interested in this conversation as well. i want to make a moment and thank all of you for being part of this conversation, particularly the young folks who are here. because your voices, a-g for a lot of folks, people can intellectualize it, but it is helpful to hear how it impacts the lives of students and your future. so thank you for being here. x thank you very much. and again, i think it's important for us to continue this conversation. i don't know that we have to do it within the context of this item and i think there are different ways of structuring the discussion. so i would ask that we file this item, if we could have a motion by commissioner fewer. seconded by commissioner mendoza. if we can do that without objection. i will certainly bring this issue back and i think it makes sense for us to do so after -- sometime after the november election when we have a better sense of where things are. but i think that even if the measures pass, i think ther
are just as dedicated as ours. michigan couple sell pwriingt the 25th anniversary here in san francisco. only they seem to be missing something. >> we didn't get tickets. no. imagine that. do you have tickets for us. what are you planning to do. we came here to be annoying. >> we just dime annoy the giants. >>reporter: kim is proof you don't need a ticket to live the excitement of the world series. renee of san jose came to watch 3 innings for free through the chain link fence. >> we came and waited in line here and yes. for a couple hours and got our wrist band and in we were. it was amazin amazing. >>reporter: she waited for 2 hours and it was absolutely worth it. of course again now the giants head off to detroit. from at&t park, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> game 3 and 4 are saturday and sunday if necessary game 5 would be monday also in detroi detroit. >> tonight the abc 7 news i team investigates a cold case. child disappearance in san francisco almost 30 years ago. >> and in the process discovers a possible connection to serial killer. dan is here with an investi
the tigers down. giants beat detroit 2-0 and san francisco needs to win two more to capture the second world series title in three years. i'm same live at mccovey cove with family action. >> they are giving you a little bit of anything. if you like blowouts you got that. if you like a nail-biter they gave you that last night. the giants' fans seemed happy. they liked what they saw with their team now up 2-0 in this series. its position in this postseason series but not quite used to. they are up and. fans are so excited. some of them stood in line and watched through a chain link fence in the out field for free. >> came and waited in line. yeah for a couple of hours. in we were, it was amazing. >> reporter: now the team is headed to detroit. they will leave this morning. giants are going to take their entire front office to detroit. they usually don't to do that but because of this world series they want everyone to share in the moment. they are worried about how cold it's supposed to be. the giants are set to play tomorrow with vogelsong pitching for the giants. >> kristen: how cold it is g
in making san francisco the same, we appreciate all the help and support and i know everybody tried really hard and the next best thing is to move it and we appreciate your support. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, any members of the public wish to comment on the item? seeing none, public -- >> could you pass these in, one for the clerk. my name is michael nulty and i'm the executive director of alliance for better district 6, we are a coalition member of the tenant's association coalition which has written a letter of support for the type 48 liquor license at 165 jefferson, the gold dust lounge at fisherman's wharf, we believe the tenant's association coalition supports gold dust lounge at fisherman's what f, requests for resolution for public convenience or necessity. the representatives that had come to one of our meetings and told them about their proposed plan and so we are quite aware of that, we're also very sympathetic about the [inaudible] of specific businesses, there aren't that many left, they're mostly large retailers and we like to see small businesses thrive in our dow
the best skate board park in san francisco right here. >> and that concludes the general manager's report. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> yeah. >> please come forward. >> good afternoon -- sorry good morning commissioners and general manager. phil ginsburg. disasters, a very appropriate topic to bring up in this recreation and park meeting. disasters call for preparedness. disasters call for some sort of plan because people don't plan to fail. they just fail to plan. but the disaster i'm most concerned about is the disasters that the recreation and park department cause. man-made disasters and what are citizens to do when all of a sudden they find their most treasured recreational resources vetoed? that constitutes a disaster. equestrians living in san francisco have been through a political disaster, and i don't see the recreation and park department doing anything about it, or even having a table for them to crawl under. yes, it's pretty bad when the people that are supposed to protect you in a disaster are the ones causing the disaster. isn't that r
, in san francisco. and i join you in your flashing your orange and black tonight. i will let you know that i have made a wager with the president of the detroit federation of teacher and the michigan federation and i would urge you to reach out to john telfer the superintendant in detroit, although he had a heart attack at the beginning of this month and we hope that he is all right and can bear the whole idea of this. i have asked you to look at a couple of items on the agenda tonight, the first one is k-14. k-14 has you spending during these times, $8,700 to make a movie. and i would hope that someone would explain why that is a legitimate expense in these kinds of straightened times when we are going to the public and asking them to raise taxes in order to support the schools. look at k18, 20, and 22, and each one of those, the district is getting back money that apparently was not spent in previous years. and so, there is no expenditure obviously, but you are getting money. and the question is i think that one of these goes back to 2010, how have we been carrying these projected e
of san francisco government. the sunshine ordinance section 6716 minutes reads, any person during speaking during public comment period may supply a brief written summary of their comments which shall if no more than 150 words be included in the minutes. that is the plain, english, reading of the ordinance. and the sunshine task force has ruled four times, including once against this body that in the minutes, means in the minutes. yet, mr. saint crow insists that he is keeping them out because the city attorney says you can. in the task force case 11088, which ethics commission was found in violation of the ordinance, to date this commission has refused to comply and refused to hear the referal from sotf from ethics, of course what you produced is 134-page response trying to justify it which is a load of crap. why are you so afraid of having comments from the public be presented accurately in the official records of your meetings. why do you insist on placing the 150 word summaries in an alternative location, substituting in their proper place, in the minutes, your sensored versio
at 1155 junipero boulevard, san francisco, california at a use of $500 per month. f, authorize the john bradivctionv manager to execute a joint funding agreement with the u.s. geological survey for an amount not to exceed $335,5 20 and with the duration of one year. g, authorize -- approve and authorize the general manager to execute amendment number 1 to extend the term of the memorandum of agreement between the sfpuc and the city of san bruno for project number cuw 301 03. the proposed amendment will extend the term of the agreement for 18 months with no additional funds required. h, accept the work performed by a roos construction company & associates for contract wd 263 4, approve modification no. 3, increasing the contract by 344,118, and authorize final payment to the contractor. i, accept work performed by a ruiz construction company for a total contract amount of 1,9 79,86 6 and authorize final payment to the contractor. * j, authorize and ratify the execution of the extension of the joint exercise of powers agreement with the bayshore sanitary district through december 31st, 2
union jobs here at the port of san francisco coming out of our maritime business. we've also increased port revenues through that. and equally importantly, we've cleaned up the ports there in the process. so, it's been a win all the way around, a three-way win. and with that, i'll take questions. >> [inaudible]. >> just a couple very quick, james wright. this is unique. working with the port of san francisco, i've been here five years now. i can't believe that. i've been here five years now. and working with the port of san francisco, the relationship that the shipyard has with the port of san francisco is working to everybody's benefit. the yard -- we've grown -- nobody's grown 65% in revenue in the last five years. it's not happening. the shipyard has, and that goes directly to jobs. i mean, we've got a lot of people. we're now at a point where we're having discussions with the union saying, where are you going to get us the additional -- where do we train the guys that we need to do to bring this work on? all of this is based on a public-private partnership with the port of san fran
. >> good evening and welcome to the san francisco public library. i'm joan jasper and i'm with the department of exhibitions and public programs at the library and i want to welcome you it our program tonight, our incredible evening with playwright and author phillip congatongas. this program is in connection with an exhibit, two exhibits, that we have up on the 6th floor. the first one is called if they came for me today, the japanese american internment project, and also we have another exhibition called relocation and resiliency, the japanese american internment in california. and both of those are up on the 6th floor and this is the last week, so if you haven't a chance to see these exhibits yet, we really encourage you to go on up and see them because they will be closing on sunday. we really want to thank community works for bringing the exhibit if they came for me today to the san francisco public library. and here to tell you a little bit more about community works is ruth morgan, so help me welcome ruth morgan. thank you. . >> thank you. i do hope that if you ha
program for employees of the city and county of san francisco who have really -- who have either support our small businesses and in your case you have been a real champion for the small business commission and our office. so, commissioner mark dwight has nominated you to receive recognition from the small business commission, and he is going to be presenting you with our certificate of recognition. >> okay. now, the official business here. certificate of honor -- where is the camera? [laughter] >> okay. so, this is the official certificate of honor, small business commission of the city and county of san francisco acknowledging jennifer matz from the office of economic and workforce development, on this monday, october 22nd, 2012, the small business commission is proud to acknowledge the contributions of jennifer matz, office of economic and workforce development, has made the small business in the city and county of san francisco. the commission recognizes that through your leadership as director and deputy director of the office of economic and workforce development, the city signific
of the university of california san francisco community partnership's fourth annual partnership's celebration. this took place on october 18th and i am pleased to announce that two of our collaborations were honored that evening. the first of which was the learner and community partnership award, which went to our physical education partnership and that is comprised of the pd department, shape up san francisco and our lead department. they were awarded for forming a pe advocates team that examined the quality and quantity of the pe offered in the san francisco unified school district. we were also recognized for our partnership for our staff award and this went to a program called enhancing young woman's health through university partnerships. it is an innovative program, it is a 12 partnership between ucsf woman's health and usfd school health and wellness centers. i want to thank all of the staff members and all of the staff members from ucsf from their collaboration and particularly to claudia, and steven. speaking of partnerships i would like to call your attention to one of our strongest
to san francisco general hospital. no details on the shooting. suspect is still on the loose. >> eric: a horrifying school in new york city. a mother arrived home last night to her upper west side apartment to find two young children had been stabbed to death in the bathtub. nanny had self-inflicted stabbing wounds. ee shoe has been arrested. there is no indication for the motive for killing the children. >> kristen: happening later this morning, funeral services are planned for former presidential candidate george mcgovern. hundreds of people paid their respects to the senator. vice president biden remembered him as someone that was respected by both republicans and democrats. he was 90 years old. >> a suicide bombing has killed 35 people in northern afghanistan. bombing happened in a town while people gathered at mosque to celebrate a holiday. top officials from a local province governor and police chief when the bomber set off the explosives. civilians made up most of casualties. no one mass claimed responsibility for the attack yet. >> a truce is under way in syria this morning. [
of our city. they had a lot to the culture and flavor of san francisco and we do not want to lose that. we take these factors into consideration. ultimately be want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe time when they go out after hours to enjoy the city at night. that is my viewpoint. >> i am going to ask you to pass that over. >> good afternoon. i am a member of the san francisco police department alcohol and licensing unit. i have been in this department for 22 years. in the last eight months i have been designed to this particular unit, which is a different skill set for me. not investigating, but reaching out with training and enforcement hearings. we are the main unit that the commander mentioned. the first line would be the permit officers. if there is a permit, someone once transfer, that is where we talked about the code 47. we disseminate out to the stations. we get input from the station. essentially when they break up to the groups, you can ask them specifically what they look for. generally are concerned and cornerstone is public safety. environmentally when we look at th
&e. >>> anne makovec is at at&t park where the san francisco giants took game two in a pitcher's duel. this is exciting. >> reporter: they may just sweep this thing in detroit. they are headed there right now. one of the star players of last night's game was certainly madison bumgarner of the he was brilliant. a post-season high 8 strikeouts allowing just two hits threw 7 shutout innings still no score. 7th inning basis loaded for brandon crawford who hit a grounder to infante who decided not to come home instead getting the double play. giants lead 1-0. bottom of the 8th. flyball to right deep enough to score angel pagan to make it 2- 0. >> can you describe what hunter brought to this team emotionally? a lot has been written. but can you give a sense of what he added, i don't think we have enough time for that. he's, you know, i hope he's here for a long time. >> i don't think they are getting any breaks. up to this point they have outplayed us. they are playing good like the giants play. we expected that coming in. they are good. they're really good. >> giants up two games to nothi
'll tell you what will be happening overnight. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where police are shooting for the suspect of one shooting. >>> and where police are searching now for a serial bank robber. why they are asking for your help this morning. "mornings on 2" begins right now. >>> welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. >>> two down, two to go. two in the driver's seat. claudine wong is live covering the giants' departure. is it a little quiet there claudine? >> reporter: it's quiet. the barricades are up. that means when the barry kids are up the team is close. they have to get on the road and go to detroit. their flight is supposed to be about 10:00. there's been activity all night long and morning. i want to show you some footage. hopefully, they are getting some slope right now. game 3 is tomorrow night. drivers will be in the driver's seat. game 2, much different from one game 1. no big homers but a performance by madison bumgartner and sergio romo. the fans love it. but the pressure is on. >> it's our style and we play a lot of close ga
it's producing for the rate payer here in san francisco. i'm sure most jurisdictions, knowing some of the mayors in those other jurisdictions, i don't think they've had as good a record as we've had here in san francisco. i want to say thank you. i think it's important to bring it out into the public view. >> thank you. it's definitely a team effort. a lot of detail. >> no question it's a team effort. my comments were directed to the team. any other comments? we don't need to accept anything. [speaker not understood]. >> there's no action. >> right, no action necessary. i guess there is an action necessary to go into executive session, closed session. >> thank you. >> any public comments before we move into closed session? all right, we need a motion to assert the attorney/client privilege. >> move to assert the attorney/client privilege. >> second. all those in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> all right. >> closed session items, item 17, existing litigation lennon versus city and county of san francisco. item 18, existing litigation cadmin versus city and county of san fran
's the official postgame series party. you have to have a special ticket to get in. live in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> well need less to say for giants fans, this is the best start for the world series. our mark ibanez is there where madison gartner came out on top. >> reporter: i don't know if bruce bochy gets any credit. but boy, his choice of madison baumgartner was great tonight. young shot to the corner. blanco, scutero the sweeping tag of prince fielder. you can take a look at all the -- you want. bases loaded, nobody out for the giants and they were able to score the first run of the game when brandon crawford hit a very typical double playgrounder. not what he had in mind but you know what they're playing in double play depth and the giants able to get a run. hunter pence, he's the one that started the rally. and hunter pence is the guy who delivered with a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 8th inning. the second run under pence starting to swing the bat a little healthier looking. knocks in a run, and the giants get a perfect 9th inning of relief out o
measures on this ballot please visit the san francisco league of women voters web site at remember early voting is available monday through friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm if you don't vote early, be sure to vote on november 6. >> good morning and welcome to the [inaudible] services committee, my name is sean elsbernd. (audio very low and unclear). >> the first hearing is a liquor license on hyde street. >> i'm with the police department. the applicant has filed an application with the california department of alcohol beverage control, beverage license type 42, this is an on-sale beer and wine for 1059 hyde street, the california department of alcohol beverage control seeks the determination from the board of supervisors for the approval or denial. the police calls for service on june, 2011 to june 2012. the police reports during that same period, there was no record [inaudible] this premises is located on plot 542, this is a high crime as defined as -- this high crime is defined as 250 or more reported incidents. they shall be permitted only fwaoen the hours of 12 no
in golden gate park. i love it. i love san francisco. thank you. >> is there anyone else that would like to make public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. commissioners. >> i would like to move this for approval. >> second. >> moved and second. all in favor. aye. opposed. hearing none it is unanimous. >> next nine is alioto park and parking restriction. >> commissioners this item is discussion and possible action to establish four hour parking restrictions to be effective monday through friday between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. within the park on el camino del mar from 33rd avenue and extending westward adjacent to the boundary of lincoln park and within the lot in front of the palace of legion of honor and signage to be paid by the fine arts museums of san francisco. fine arts of san franciscos which operates the palace of legion of honor in lincoln park has requested this establishment of the parking restrictions on el camino and the reference parking lot. these currently used for public parking without restriction and the sites adjacent to the palace of leg
. >> good afternoon again commissioners. eric brooks representing san francisco green party and local grass-roots organization "our city". so i wanted on the last note the green fest is november 10, and 11. some of the advocates will be there putting out community choice material and i think you guys had plans to be there. i'm not sure. and just wanted to kind of back up what ms. hale was saying it will take -- that november 30 we will have some of the stuff crunched that has come in from local power and other consultants but there is still a long way to go to learn about -- especially the possibility of offering customers and even to your point commissioner olague even low income customers to buy into shares of the program or to get energy efficiency installed in tandem for signing up with the program so there are reasons to reach out even to the communities we're not planning to enroll in the first phase and that is really important. the last point that i would raise just to make sure it's on everybody's radar screen, and i ask all the commissioners to hear this one because it's somet
. you have to have a special ticket to get in. live in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> well need less to say for giants fans, this is the best start for the world series. our mark ibanez is there where madison gartner came out on top. >> reporter: i don't know if bruce bochy gets any credit. but boy, his choice of madison baumgartner was great tonight. young shot to the corner. blanco, scutero the sweeping tag of prince fielder. you can take a look at all the -- you want. bases loaded, nobody out for the giants and they were able to score the first run of the game when brandon crawford hit a very typical double playgrounder. not what he had in mind but you know what they're playing in double play depth and the giants able to get a run. hunter pence, he's the one that started the rally. and hunter pence is the guy who delivered with a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 8th inning. the second run under pence starting to swing the bat a little healthier looking. knocks in a run, and the giants get a perfect 9th inning of relief out of sergio romo. one-2-3inning.
of the san francisco man accused of abducting a 9-year-old girl from a school bathroom. bradley burroughs yek is charged with kidnapping the child last month then molesting her. the girl fought off the attacker and ran to the school for help. is he accused of photographing girls in a bathroom last spring. >> police searching for a man and woman involved in a snatch and grab robbery at this store, they released video of the crime that happened inside gold rush jewelers on 4th street. you saw the thief looking at watches then running out the door with one of them. the clerk tries to chase him down but the man manages to get away. according to witnesses he jumped into a gold toyota camery. >> there is a bay area connection to a horrifying crime in new york a nanny is accuse ofed of killing two young children. the family used to live in noe valley and the father is a former yahoo executive. >> investigators are trying to figure out a motive. >> they came to the upper west side and stared, hopelessly trying to make some sense of the horror and pain here. how in the world do you make sense out of t
of california 9.3, from los angeles, san diego, san francisco, all participating in this earthquake drill. that is pretty big large numbers of people that are joining all of you. don't you feel special? yeah, everybody is doing this. i have to my left and right are really important department heads. our chief of police is to my left. he is participating and has a lot of staff to support this effort. we have our fire chief. did you know? you reading from the book, grace for president, she is our female chief of our fire department. to her right is rob, the head department of our department of emergency management. one of the most important departments that's working with police and fire and connected up with the whole state with our school system, school board, principals and students to organize and make sure we are prepared for the next earthquake or emergency. this is why we have the great california shakeup drill. this is why we are doing it all over the state. we have to be a little better prepared. how many of you think that you're prepared for the next earthquake at home? yeah? do y
that will conclude the october 16 entertainment commission meeting for the city and county of san francisco. thank you one and all. . >> commissioner. >> here. >> commissioner harrison. >> here. >> commissioner arata. commissioner levitan. commissioner low. >> here. >> commissioner bo nilo has an excused absence and just as a reminder if we could have everyone turn off electronic sounding devices and you will have three minutes to comment on each item today unless otherwise noted by the president. when you do make public comment we ask that you address the item in front of you, and please note that you're making public comment to the commission. it is not a back and forth, so the commission at the end of your time may ask questions of staff and that is it. >> thank you. >> okay. so we are item number two which is the president's report. >> thank you. this will be brief, but i understand that at 1018 today somehow -- i know all over the counter ree -- maybe over the world people are ducking, covering and rolling. that applies to earthquake preparedness and it's not clear to me whether we are in
video now from a two-alarm fire in san francisco's neighborhood. fire crews responded to a home on and over street near presence avenue before 4:00 this afternoon. firefighters say heavy flames in the attic rapidly spread to the house next door. crews from the city's building department are checking to see if the fire damage has left the homes unsafe to enter. >>> now south bay where two women are behind bars tonight accused of shooting a third woman right outside a babies r us store. robert honda explains what police are saying about what might have sparked the gunfire. >> a bullet hole in the side of the babies r us store and a window shattered by a bullet at an office max attracted a lot of attention at the shopping center in san jose. police officers respond today a shooting at the center around 2:45 this morning. >> kind of shocked that someone drove by and shot somebody. >> police say two women, both of san jose, approached a woman walking with a man near the babies r us store and got in an argument. >> just before a fight did occur, one of the suspects pulled out a gun an
to even up. >> reporter: but prop 33 supporter former san francisco mayor willie brown says that argument is purely hypothetical because they can't predict the future. >> they don't have a substantive argument against it. they say it's like the camel's nose under the tent. it will lead to something else and they want to stop it. >> reporter: now, all this may sound a bit familiar. two years ago, californians faced a similar ballot measure spearheaded by the same man behind this year's effort, the 91-year-old founder of mercury insurance. so far, he has contributed $16 million, 98% of the money behind prop 33. >> in politics you follow the money. >> reporter: cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman says that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. >> because it's self-interest doesn't mean the end result from a public policy per sperrive will be bad. >> reporter: but says it's definitely good for insurance companies. >> it means more business for them. >> reporter: prop 33 allows for exceptions to protect military members and people who have let their insurance lapse because they are out of work. we
. >> it would be my great pleasure to nominate commissioner torres as the next president of the san francisco public utilities commission. >> thank you. and is there a second? >> second. >> and seconded. is there comment? >> [speaker not understood]. [laughter] >> that's good. >> is there any public comment? seeing none, all of those in favor. >> aye. >> opposed? the motion carries unanimously. >> congratulations. >> with that, you're president. and if i can give you the archly he -- gavel and take your seat. [laughter] >> one final, pass the resolution in your absence. thanking you for your service to the city and county of san francisco which spans more than your one-year service in fresno. >> thank you very much. (applause) >> >> and i'd like to echo appreciation for mr. moran. thank you so much for your leadership. >> thank you. it has been my honor and pleasure to be able to serve not only as a commissioner, but also as president for the last year. and i thank you very much for your assistance and the work of staff to support it as well. so, thank you. mr. president, carry on. >> thank
going to ask this. the cost of living in the city's going up. while san francisco still attracts many young lgbt people, being able to afford living here is getting harder and harder. i like generalize this question on my own, extending it to just about everyone. what can be done to keep this city attractive and affordable to the young and creative? a lot of people are coming here to have alternative lifestyles all over the map. they come here because the city is not necessarily their job. they will come here even without a job. they do not have a lot of money. as an operator, how do you answer this? >> it depends on what you're doing. headline talent is very expensive. you put your budget together and you see which can charge for a ticket. as i have the benefit of the venue over with promoters because i do not need to make money at the door, i can look at something and say -- i will be making this much, but i do not have to. i want to break even at the door. that lets me keep the ticket price down. frequently, and we put that out through facebook and a variety of social media outlets
commission for the city and county of san francisco. i am david campos and i am the chair of the commission. we have our clerk is linda wong and we want to thank the following members of sfg tv staff for covering the meeting today. madam clerk if you could please call the role. >> commissioner avalos. present. commissioner olague absent. commissioner mar, present. commissioner pimentel. commissioner schmeltzer. >> present. >> there is a quorum. >> thank you very much. if you could call item two. >> item two is the minutes from the special meeting. >> do you have the minutes of the meeting? before we take any action i would like to ep it up to public comment. any member of the public that would like to speak to item two? seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues do we have a motion? we have a motion by commissioner avalos and second by commissioner schmeltzer. if we could take that without objection. madam clerk will you please call item three. >> item three is reports and update on cleanpower sf and update on the california puv, suggestions for items to be discussed at the
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